Welcome to Evesham Nursery School

We would like to warmly welcome you to Evesham Nursery School, a magical place nestled amongst the natural beauty of the ever changing leaves in the heart of Worcestershire.

School News

Getting Ready for Big School

We have recently hosted a parents meeting where we shared lots of top tips on how parents can support their children get ready for ‘big school’!! Thank you to all that attended, attached is the powerpoint used for common areas to work on and some feedback we had from local primary schools.

Getting Ready for Big School January 2022

Top Tips

We are sharing some of our ‘top tips’ on the website, such as how to support listening, help with toileting, and key words to support language development for your pre-school children. To find out more, click here https://eveshamnurseryschool.co.uk/top-tips/


Friends of Evesham Nursery School FB page

Parents and carers don’t forget to join the Friends of Evesham Nursery School facebook page to get reminders and updates of up-coming events. Note, this is a closed group for parents and carers of children currently attending the school only.

Our learning snapshot

“A forest, there is green at the top and brown at the bottom!"


Antonia age 3 | Evesham Nursery School

“Looks like there’s a crystal, looks like snow because it’s white, this looks like a spider web, but in the middle it looks like snow”


Sam age 4 talking about frost | Evesham Nursery School