Evesham Nursery School Charges for 2016/17

Your child is entitled to 15 hours of free Nursery Education provided by the Government. There will be a charge for any sessions booked over the 15 hours.

Please find below our schedule for charging:

Additional hours above the 15 hours £13.50 per session
(1 session is 3 hours)

Lunch session (11.30 – 12.30 pm) with your own packed lunch £3.50 per hour*

Lunch session (11.30 – 12.30 pm) with a provided cooked meal £5.00 per hour*

∗ these charges include 1 hour of childcare


Provisions – charged to all families per session. 50p per session

This is a voluntary contribution towards the cost of drinks, fruit, cooking ingredients and all consumable resources.

Please collect your children promptly at the end of the session.  A charge will be incurred for late pick-ups.


Charging Procedures

  • Families will be invoiced in advance on a monthly basis;
  • Families who wish to, can pay weekly;
  • Receipts are available on request;
  • Payment is expected within 2 weeks of the invoice being sent out;
  • If payment has not been received within a reasonable period of time, the School will withdraw the services and refer the matter to the County Council Debt Collection Service;
  • We understand that exceptional circumstances can alter a family’s ability to pay and we will do everything we can to support these situations. Please see Kim or Marian if this is the case;
  • If a booking is made and then not taken up, the school will still have to make a charge as staffing and/or food costs will still be incurred;
  • The School will accept payment via the voucher schemes offered by some employers. Please see Kim for further details;
  • Children will be allocated a PIN number which will allow parents to make payments of line. This will be issued once the PIN’s have been allocated by the County Council.  Please note that this is our preferred method of payment.