Ideas to support children’s speech and communication skills

Here is a handy page of some areas we find tricky at nursery. It would be brilliant if you could have a look through and support your children in learning these important language skills to help prepare them for school.

Chestnuts wellcomm home learning sheet

Happy Father’s day

A very big thank you for all the wonderful Dads and important people in our lives who help us grow and flourish! This is a little video about why Chestnut’s love their Daddies, enjoy. 

Planning 25th April 2022

After the success of our tadpoles before the Easter break we are moving onto growth and differences between people. We are going to be talking about how we look and what makes us unique and special. We would love it if you could share a baby photo on evidence me to encourage conversation about growth and changes. 

25.04.2022 Growing Planning


For our final week before the Easter holidays we are focusing on eggs, chicks and animals. After the success and interest in our tadpoles we have been having more conversations about growing and the life cycle of an egg. This week we will also be trying hot cross buns and creating chocolate nests!

Thank you for your continued support during our Covid outbreaks and fundraisers, it makes a huge difference to helping our school continue to grow and flourish!

04.04.2022 Easter Spring PLANNING

Happy Mother’s day 

Happy Mother’s day to all our wonderfully Mummies, here is a little compilation of why your children love you! We hope you enjoy!


Going places planning 

Chestnut children have been loving learning about different types of transport, maps and countries. This week we are going to expand this learning and focus on directions and travelling. 

20.03.2022 going places PLANNING


Signs of spring!

Ahead of our new planning next week the children have been looking at frogspawn and talking all about the life cycle of a frog. It would be fabulous if you could see if you can spot any signs of spring in the garden or outside. Here is a video that gives an overview of the frog’s life cycle.


Planning1st March 2022

This week we have a focus on all things books and bears! Attached is the planning and some things we will be doing within nursery. This week there are some new flowers we have added at the bottom of the planning, these are the words we will be focusing on teaching all the children and it would be fabulous if you could support this learning at home too!

01.03.2022 World Book Day and Bear hunt PLANNING

Planning 7th February 2022

The children have adored role play over the last couple of weeks and we are focusing on cafes and shops. Through this provision we are going to be looking and Handa’s surpise, trying different fruits and vegetables, and using words to explain how we feel.

05.02.2022 shops and cafes PLANNING


After our beautiful bird week last week the children are continuing to show an interest in the animals that live wildly around them. Wildlife has become a focus for this week. We have started by labeling and talking about the variety of animals that live in England before starting to talk about habitats, diets and differences. We have begun to draw our favourite animal and insects, Lorena has chosen to draw a profile and front facing picture of a stag beetle! We hope you enjoy this theme at home too!

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