Forest School

Despite the chilly weather the Chestnuts have adored being at forest school and with hot chocolate to warm them up who can blame them! They have been noticing all the changes that have been happening within nature such as hearing and seeing more birds, new flowers growing and how the snow appears and disappears.  Maybe you can have a look in the garden or on a walk and see what nature changes you can spot! We’d love to hear all about them on EvidenceMe!

Safety at nursery 

One of our focuses within the planning this week is to begin explaining safety and danger to the children. When they get to big school there will be a lot more children and things so ensuring they can spot and avoid danger is key! We have a few rules at nursery that the children follow to keep themselves safe such as only walking inside, carrying scissors safely and keeping safe around the fire bowl at forest school. This Topsy and Tim book is a great way to introduce some ideas around staying safe. If you need any help or support in teaching your children how to keep safe please feel free to contact us!

Maths focus

Today we have been busy boosting our maths skills, we introduced a tally chart to the children this morning and have shown them how you can use them to write information. We have also been working on categorising objects and introducing the language of more and less. The children have been brilliant at learning these tricky concepts, try at home and see if you can sort objects and use tally charts to record your findings!

Making houses

Chestnuts have been very busy making houses this week! If you have a big box at home it would be lovely to see how your houses look via EvidenceMe!

Self portraits

Since our new focus on Monday the children have adored drawing themselves, they have looked very closely at the mirror and it is interesting the features they choose first. A few of them also noticed when the adults did their self portraits they forgot to add their masks to pictures! We would love to see how your self portraits look via EvidenceMe.

Name recognition

This week the children in nursery have been working really hard to recognise their own name, one way we have helped them is by covering their faces on their name tags, it has been great fun to see if we can work out each name without their smiley faces attached! 

Numeral hunt 

One fun way to improve children’s number recognition is to go on a treasure hunt! Inside houses there are lots of numbers everywhere, see what numbers you can find and then let us know what you found via EvidenceMe!

Family trees

 This morning we have been talking about who is in our family, we have heard some brilliant language and where support was needed our pictures from our family tree helped. Maybe you could dig out some photo albums at home and chat about who is who in your family!

Self portraits 

On our writing table this week we have set up opportunities for the children to experiment with self portraits, we have used mirrors and chalk boards to support them in drawing what they can see. As the week progresses we will update the site with some of the children’s artwork!

Children’s mental health week 

This week it is children’s mental health week, so over the next 2 weeks we are focusing on helping the children to recognise and express feelings in themselves and in others. Here are some useful stories to begin the conversation with your children.