Planning 21st January 2022

After our love of birds this week we are going to focus on widening our knowledge about them through this planning. We hope you will enjoy some of our ideas for you to have a go at at home and we would love to see what you create via EvidenceMe!

24.01.2022 Bird PLANNING


Spot the bird!

Today we have got a spot the bird game for you to play at home! Here are a list of questions to ask about this picture which will help model questioning and work on the children’s observational, thinking skills. Hope you have fun on the bird hunt!

Where is the bird with blue on their tummy?
Where are the birds with yellow and black beaks?
Where is the pink bird?
Where are two birds that are the same?
Where is the smallest bird?
Where is the biggest bird?
Where is the bird with the long legs?
Where is the bird with a dotty back
Where are the birds with blue wings?
Where is the bird with the long, orange beak?

Bird story 

Here is a lovely story that includes lots of different types of birds and the different songs they sing!

Symmetrical birds!

A focus at nursery this week has been symmetry in birds and feathers!

1- Firstly we folded a page in half and drew half a bird with big wings on it. 

2- Next we cut it out and unfolded it flat. 

3- Then we painted one side with lots of patterns and different colours. 

4- Next we folded up the bird and pressed down all over with our hands.

5- Finally we opened up the bird to reveal our beautiful symmetrical bird!! 

Have a go at home and send in your creations via EvidenceMe!!

Bird breeds

We have continued to discuss differences between bird breeds and their habitat. Lots of different birds have nests and homes that look different, here is a PowerPoint for you to use to start the conversation about similarities and differences!

Birds PowerPoint

Baby birds 

Here are some fabulous videos we have been watching bits of during nursery to teach the children’s learning about the life cycle of birds, from an egg, being fed by their parents to being strong enough to feed themselves and fly! Have a little chat with your children about eggs hatching and growing!

Exploring with paint

Today we have been experimenting with different techniques of painting. We had a look in our cupboards and found 1 straw, 1 fork, 1 sponge, and 1 matchstick. We all had a go at decorating the bird template using the new tools. We loved how it looked! Have a look in your cupboards and see if you can explore paint using different tools. 

Differences in birds 

We have been watching the live cameras from winterwatch and this video a lot this week whilst we have been doing other bits around the nursery. The children have loved noticing the differences between size, colours, and feather type of all the bird breeds that come to feed on the seed. Have a little watch and see how many different birds you can see! The winterwatch cameras are live from 10am til 10pm everyday.

Bird paper plates 

This is a brilliant craft we are going to be trying today at nursery. All you need is a paper plate (or some plain paper cut to shape), paint or pens and maybe some PVA glue to add some extra decorations. We would love to see how your birds turn out via EvidenceMe!–schools/big-schools-birdwatch-downloads/paper-plate-birds.pdf


We have also found that making and using some binoculars has helped up to see the birds when they are nibbling on the bird seed. We made these using some empty toilet roll tubes and some tape but anything round or cardboard can be crafted into some lovely binoculars! We hope you had fun making these and if you do, send in a picture via EvidenceMe!

Bird spotting

The children have loved hunting for birds today! We have wrapped up warm and decided to go and be ever so quiet, down in the forest to see if any birds would come…And they did!!! We each had a spotting sheet that helped us to know what we were looking for and identify the birds.

The bird spotting sheet is available from this link:–schools/big-schools-birdwatch-downloads/survey-sheets-2021/rspb_big-schools-birdwatch_teaching_resources_counting_sheets_tens_english-version.pdf

There are lots of fabulous videos and resources at:


The children at school have loved looking at all things bird related! We have been making bird feeders, watching the birds, talking about different breed and their habitats. Birds will be the focus for us for the next week as it is the RSPB bird watching weekend. We hope you like the pictures from our week!