Chestnuts- Learning from home

Below please find an introduction to home learning, how we can stay connected and some planning of ideas you can carry out whilst at home. Keyworkers will be updating you via emails and this page on the website will be updated daily.

Chestnut Introduction to home learning

Chestnut planning – ‘The Cold’ Page 1

Chestnut Planning – ‘The Cold’ Page 2


Home learning pictures

Wow, what amazing work all of the Chestnut children have been doing over the last few days! These galleries will be updated daily with more pictures, It will be a brilliant way to show the children what their friends have been playing. If you haven’t already you can upload onto EvidenceMe or email your keyworker a photo you would like to be uploaded to this gallery!

We have also added what the adults have been doing whilst they have been at home and not in nursery!

Kirsty’s name hunt

Today Kirsty found her name in lots of different places around her house! Naming hunts are a great way of helping children to learn how their own name looks and begin to identify letter shapes, by doing this they will be in a great place to start learning trickier letters and phonics at big school!

Making porridge with Ola

This morning Ola woke up very very hungry and very very cold, she decided to make some yummy porridge to warm herself up and fill her belly! Maybe you could try making porridge at home with your families and add different toppings?

A song…

5 little ducks


And a story!

Dear zoo

Holly’s egg counting

Today will be Holly’s last day counting her duck and chicken eggs for a little while, I wonder how many eggs she will have all together?

What’s in the box with Carol

What’s in the box is one of the children’s favourite together time games, it supports children in learning new vocabulary, waiting their turn and sharing in a fun way! Today Carol plays the game to show you how you could join in at home. See what collection of objects you can find and have a go!

Frozen planet 

Following our theme of the cold this week, Foster has been enjoying watching clips of Frozen Planet on YouTube, there are lots of brilliant mini clips that are very educational and fascinating for young viewers, as well as a great way to introduce some of the vocabulary! 

Cosmic yoga 

In Chestnuts we love to do some cosmic yoga in the afternoon to calm ourselves ready for more learning, here is a video tutorial of how to do yoga like Pedro penguin for you to try at home!

Independence in children

At Chestnuts we want our children to learn the independence skills they will need ready for when they move up to big school, but this can be tricky to get them to do things for themselves. We have made some tutorials using our helpers Charlie and Mason (Kirsty’s children) to help encourage them. We will be creating more videos and fun ways of getting children to become more independent as the month goes on. We hope you enjoy them and find them helpful!


Holly’s egg counting 

After hunting around her garden Holly found a missing duck egg! She is collecting lots and lots of eggs, I wonder how many she will have tomorrow?

Ola’s feeling faces

Ola has been busy drawing pictures of the different emotions she feels, maybe you could have a go at drawing faces with different feelings at home, update us on your masterpieces via EvidenceMe.

A song… 

Wellington boots

And a story!

That’s not my bear

Carol’s bird counting 

Carol has been watching all the birds in her garden and decided to make a chart to show how many she could see. Use your binoculars and see how many birds you can count!

Kirsty’s ice art

Kirsty has been busy exploring for natural objects in my garden. I then froze them in water to make these beautiful ice art shapes. As she hung one in the tree she noticed it began to drip, it was melting. She wondered why it might have started to melt, do you know why? Kirstie will now leave them in the garden over night. What will they look like tomorrow? will they will be there?

Feelings activities

Sarah has been very busy thinking about her feelings and how she could represent them, she decided it would be fun to decorate biscuits into polar bears with different faces! maybe you could try decorating some biscuits with faces too!

She also read the brilliant book ‘Sometimes I feel sunny’, this is a great conversation starter for children to begin to understand how their behaviour and feelings align, maybe you could begin similar conversations at home in a fun way.

Small world play

Small work set up helps to encourage children to use their imagination within play. Why not set up a small world for your children at home, watch how their play comes alive and develops. You can use all sorts of different small world figures and toys like Kirsty has done here. Please let us know how the children get on and maybe add some quotes of speech into evidence me. 

Carol’s bird feeder and binoculars

Carol has noticed that she can hear more birds singing in her garden lately, she decided to make them a bird feeder and some binoculars for herself so she could watch them from inside the house! Hopefully you can have a go at these crafts and see more birds outside your window, remember to upload your photos to EvidenceMe! I wonder who will see the most birds, maybe you could make a chart or draw the birds you see!

Holly’s egg counting 

Today Holly had a disaster when she could not find any more duck eggs! but she used her good thinking head and looked elsewhere! I wonder how many eggs she will have tomorrow?

A song…

Pop those bubbles

And a story!

Polar bear, polar bear what do you hear?

Kirsty’s pasta sorting

Kirsty has discovered that you can sort lots of objects around the house, she found some crazy pasta and decided to group them into number and patterns, maybe you could have a look around your house and see if there are any objects you can sort based on colour, size or number!

Ola’s playdough numbers

Ola has loved playing with her playdough at home, today she has decided to see if she can make some numerals with the dough. See if you can make some numerals from playdough or objects you have around the house!

Sarah’s chocolate crunch

Sarah has been busy in the kitchen again, today she is showing you how she makes her famous chocolate crunch! You could try doing some baking with your family, upload pictures of your creations onto EvidenceMe, have fun!

Carol and Mr Penguin counting

Mr Penguin has been busy counting with Carol! Today they have had their numbers frozen by the ice, I wonder how they will melt the ice?

Holly’s duck eggs!

Today we check in with Holly to see how many eggs her ducks have laid! Maybe you could have a go at drawing her ducks at home, send the pictures in via EvidenceMe!

A song…

Adventure through the snow.

And a story!


Kirsty’s colour hunt

Kirsty has been on a hunt around her house for her favourite colour. orange, she found 3 objects. Maybe you could go on a colour hunt around your house and see how many orange objects you find, or you could hunt for your favourite colour!

Support with home learning

The BBC are providing a wide range of home teaching resources both on their television channel and website. Below is the link to the Cbeebies website, where you can find a variety of games, stories and activities to play with your child, enjoy!

Cbeebies learning from home 

Carol’s ice painting

Carol has frozen some of her ice mixtures and made some beautiful ice she can paint with, follow her instructions and you can have a go at making your own at home! Don’t forget to get your parents and carers to upload onto EvidenceMe!


Ola’s icy kingdom

Ola has created an amazing icy kingdom, she has used her pretend snow and ice inside a tray. She realised she didn’t have any arctic animals in her toy box so created her own using empty toilet rolls and things she found in her recycling bin. Maybe you could try making an ice palace or anything using old boxes and bottles, have fun!!

Kirsty’s smoothie making!

Kirsty has had a very busy morning making a yummy, healthy smoothie with some fruit from her fridge. If you have a go at smoothie making, post a picture onto EvidenceMe!

Making snow with Ola

Ola’s playdough snowman was feeling a little sad this morning because there was no real life snow so she decided to make him happy by making her own snow for him to play with! It is an easy recipe so maybe you could try making it at home, remember to wear your aprons or old clothes because you might get messy! Post any snowy play onto EvidenceMe. 

Holly’s duck eggs!

Holly has got some very special guests joining the Chestnut’s page…her ducks!! We will be joining Holly daily to count how many eggs the ducks have laid! Maybe you could count how many eggs you can find in your kitchen, or draw some!

Sarah’s shape lunch

Sarah was making her lunch when she suddenly saw all the different shapes she had on her plate! Maybe you could help your parents and carers make your shape lunch, I wonder how many shapes you can spot! 

A song…

Twinkle Twinkle

And a story!


Nicky’s muddled Socks

Oh dear- My socks were in such a muddle this morning, I didn’t know which ones to wear!

That’s better, now they are in pairs! One pair of cloud socks, one pair of long grey socks, one pair of green striped socks, one pair of cream flowers socks, one pair of blue flower socks, one pair of blue socks with writing on, one pair of brown slipper socks and one pair of tiny black sports socks!

Now I can choose my favourite pair of socks to wear- my comfortable cloud socks!

I wonder how many different socks you can find? Try matching your socks into pairs, I wonder how many pairs you will find? Don’t forget to send your sock pair pictures into EvidenceMe.

Winter pictures

We have found some great online resources you can use to develop your children’s pencil grip skills, below is a link for some free printables related to our topic of the cold. Please don’t worry if you do not have a printer available, you could try drawing some of your own with a pen! We would love to see some developing pencil grips via EvidenceMe! Have fun!

Winter pencil control activity sheets

Arctic Animals

Songs and stories in different languages

Not all of our Chestnut community have English as their first language, taking this into consideration we believe it is really important for the children to learn about the communities and traditions native to their families. Below there is a page with lots of links for traditional stories and songs in different languages, enjoy!

Songs and Stories

Kirsty’s apple counting

Chestnuts staff have all been counting today! Kirsty has found some different coloured apples in her house and is categorising them on different plates. Have a look around your homes and see what objects you can sort and count!

Speech and signing ideas 

Here is a link for some great games to encourage your child’s speech and language development, there is also a video of the common signs we use in nursery to support all language learning. Maybe you could try learning the signs with your children and using them when you ask questions. Please let us know how you get on with them, it would be great for their signing knowledge to expand ready for when they return to nursery!


Speech and language games

Counting with Carol and Mr Penguin

Carol and Mr Penguin have been busy playing counting games this morning, maybe you could find some cups at home and play along with Carol, or help Mr Penguin make his ice palace! Update us with your makes via EvidenceMe.

Animal habitats

Kirsty has been looking at animals that live in the snow and animals that don’t. Maybe you could have a think about animals that live in the cold then choose your favourite and draw a wonderful picture that your mummy or daddy could upload onto EvidenceMe.  Can’t wait to see your fantastic drawings!

A song…

10 Green bottles

And a story!

Walking through the jungle

Kirsty’s nature picture

Kirsty has been very busy this morning, after an adventure around her garden she found lots of brilliant things to make a beautiful picture! Why don’t you have a go at home?


Ola’s Playdough recipe

Ola has been making snowmen out of her playdough as there was not enough snow outside to make one! Here is the top secret, magic recipe we use at nursery for our playdough, maybe you could try making some at home!




Flapjack Friday

Sarah has been cooking up some yummy flapjacks! You could try making them at home with your family too, please send any cooking or baking pictures to EvidenceMe, we can’t wait to see them all!!

Nicky’s winter wonderland

Fantastic Frost

Wow! My garden looks like a winter wonderland today – look at the fantastic frost!

Perhaps you could take a frosty photograph in your garden or from your window. Please share these with us on Evidence Me. 


Carol’s frosty morning

A song… 

5 Currant buns

And a story!

We’re going on a bear hunt

Keeping active

Why not get up and moving in this cold weather? At nursery the children really enjoy dancing and waddling along to the penguin dance, it is a lot of fun and sure to warm you up. Please follow the link to the penguin dance, and remember to upload dancing videos to EvidenceMe, we love to see you pretending to be penguins.



Frozen Dinosaurs!

Hello Chestnut children,

Today Kirsty has been busy experimenting with ice, she has frozen some toy dinosaurs within ice cubes. It was so fun and easy to do. She then explored different ways of rescuing some of the dinosaurs. Why don’t you have a go at freezing then rescuing some of your small world figures in ice?

Don’t forget to upload your pictures and ideas on how to melt the ice faster to EvidenceMe so that we can see your icy fun.