Chestnuts planning and resources- Construction 

Week commencing 17th January 2022

Following on from our previous two week exploration of homes and focus on the story of the 3 little pigs, please find below our refreshed plan which follows the children’s interests on the detail and purpose of buildings and their suggested story of Goldilocks and the three bears.

If you would like to share any of the activities you have been doing at home please do so on evidence me as we are uploading new activities daily.

17.01.2022 Construction continued PLANNING


Prepositions are often tricky concepts for lots of our children to get but they are so important as they help us find what we are looking for and make sure objects are in the right place. The first prepositions often understood by children are ‘in’ ‘on’ and ‘under’ before progressing to ‘behind’ ‘next to’ ‘in front of’ and ‘in between’. Bear and the basket are here to help you, have a go with your children’s favourite toys to support this learning at home!

Goldilocks songs

Here are a couple of our favourite goldilocks songs! I am sure all the children know the tune so can help the grown ups join in!

Junk modelling

Today we have been busy at nursery making models with things that would usually go to the recycling centre, below is a video of how modelling with rubbish works and what you need. This week as the focus is on buildings and construction see if you can make a house, front door or building! We would love to see what you have done via evidence me!

Here are some things we have made at nursery

A frosty morning!

This morning is a beautiful frosty morning! At the weekend there was a beautiful frosty morning! Rhian made the most of it with a long dog walk and found lots of stunning natural areas frosted by Jack Frost! See if you can go on a frosty walk or look round the garden to see what frosty things are around!

Feed the birds.

We have some birds nesting in our bird box in our Willows garden. We have also added homemade bird feeders to the trees outside along the path as you walk into Nursery. You can help feed the birds at home too. There are lots of ways you can make bird feeders, use the link below for some great ideas.

Teddy Drawing

Today Rhian had a go at drawing her teddy bear, maybe you could have a go at home too! We would love to see your drawings via EvidenceMe! Have fun!

Type of buildings

Our building focus continues in chestnuts and today we have been exploring what the function of different types of building are and how they look on the outside and the inside. Attached is a PowerPoint of pictures of buildings and their functions, this activity is just to have a chat with your child about what they think the building may look like and what they can do at each one.

Types of buildings



The 3 bears love eating porridge!!! Follow the recipe below to create your own porridge.


60g of rolled oats

160ml of skimmed milk

160ml of water


Add rolled oats, milk and water into a small saucepan over medium heat.

Bring to the boil, stir continuously for 2-3 minutes until oats are soft and creamy.

 Put your porridge in your bowl and eat it all up. Make sure you blow your porridge as it will be hot.

Here are a few ideas to be creative with your yummy porridge!

Shape Hunt.

We have been focusing on shapes this week in Chestnuts. Can you and your child go on a shape hunt, I wonder what shapes you can find at home? Model lots of lovely shape and size language, “I can see the clock is a big circle. You have little circles on your socks.”
Going on a Shape hunt


This week we are having a maths focus on shapes and the language of size. Below is an idea to support this by doing some comparing of sizes with objects around the house.

Goldilocks sizes

Goldilocks and the three bears

Here is the story of Goldilocks and the three bears that we love at nursery! We will be uploading different ideas for you to work on at home to support the Chestnuts with their learning

Oxbridge Baby Goldilocks