Chestnuts- Learning from home

Below please find our home learning plan for the next 2 weeks, commencing Monday 18th of January. As nursery is reopen this week keyworkers will contact you via emails and the page on the website will be updated but only a few times throughout the week.





This week at nursery the chlidren have loved creating different models and places out of construction materials, we have hadcar parks, buses and animals! Maybe you could try some building at home and send a picture through EvidenceMe, we would love to see what you make for your animals and toys at home!

A song…

It’s cold, it’s cold

And a story!

Snail trail

Knife and fork skills

This week at nursery we have been trying really hard to improve our cutlery skills, here is a video to show you how to support your children in getting ready for big school in a fun way!


Name jumble 

Today Rhian’s name was in a big jumble, watch as she tries to put them back into the right order, you can try using your full name to help then when you are ready try and sort them with no help! Have fun and upload them onto EvidenceMe. 


In nursery we have been very busy learning our prepositions, we have used lots of toys and objects to show we understand and can use prepositions! Maybe you could have a go at home with your toys!

The pig is inside the basket

The pig is inside the basket

The pig is on top of the basket

The pig is under the basket

The elephants are in front of the house

The elephant is next to the chair

The elephant is behind the chair 

A song…

5 elephants on a spider’s web

And a story!

The hungry caterpillar

Icy games

Thank you so much to Susan (one of our Chestnut Mummys) for sharing this lovely ice experiment. We hope that you enjoy it!



Kirsty’s name tray 

Kirsty has been practicing her letter writing skills in flour! Maybe you can try it at home too with flour, rice, salt or sugar, upload your pictures to EvidenceMe!

A song…

5 little monkeys jumping on the bed

And a story!

My cat likes to play in boxes