Planning for home learning

Week commencing: Monday 22nd February

22.02.21 planning

22.02.21 planning together times

World book day!

We had the most fabulous world book day! Here are some of the fabulous costumes we were sent in via postcards. The children in nursery enjoyed exploring lots of books and a new personal favourite of all the children, ‘the three little pigs’. Well done to all the children for trying really hard with their learning and thanks to all our families for making costumes and supporting the day!

Live story

Today is world book day and we have had lots of amazing costumes and characters throughout the school! We will try to take as many pictures as we can today and share them on the page tomorrow. at 10:30 there is going to be a live share a story on the world book day website, the link is attached, we cannot wait to tune in at nursery! We would love to see how you celebrate the day via EvidenceMe!

Welly walk week money 

From our fundraiser back in October we have bought some beautiful new toys, we will update this section as the deliveries arrive. This morning the Chestnut children have adored exploring the new coloured blocks that have added a new level to their construction play.

World book week

This week is world book week, so at nursery we are very busy learning lots of new stories and vocabulary. We have introduced some tricky concepts like characters and story structure, beginning, middle and end. Reading stories with children is really important for language development and is a lovely time to strengthen relationships with adults and siblings. 

Here is a link for the world book day website which has lots of resources and videos of stories for you to explore.

Here is also a link for teachers but the some of the resources and ideas can be transferred to home learning.

We have had lots of postcards of storytelling which is so lovely for us to see at nursery.  

Symmetrical patterns 

This week we are going to be investigating how to make symmetrical patterns with loose parts, maybe you could try exploring the concept of symmetry with mirrors and printing. 

Supporting speech and language at home 

Here is a list of fun activities you can do at home to support your children’s speech and language development. The activities help all areas of speech and language including helping listening and supporting understanding. We hope they help! If you have any questions or need support please let us know via email or on the gate. 

Chestnuts wellcomm home learning sheet

Mother’s day cards

Mother’s day is coming up and the children have been working really hard creating beautiful cards for their mummies and loved ones. We have been drawing pictures of flowers and families on the front as well as sticking lots of lovely paper to our cards, then worked really hard to write our names inside too! 

Flower drawings 

The children in Chestnuts have adored mark making with the chalks outside this week, they have done some beautiful sketches of our beautiful daffodils, If you have flowers in the garden or house maybe you could have a go at drawing what you see and upload it onto EvidenceMe!

Obstacle course

Carol set up a brilliant obstacle course today to see how the children controlled themselves when running around objects, they did amazingly! Maybe you could make an obstacle course usign everyday objects in your house or in the garden?

Spring Chicken dance 

One song we have been doing everyday to get the children moving is the spring chicken song, it is great for counting and testing out moving like a bird!


This week the children have loves exploring and planting seeds in our garden, we have been digging and watering them patiently waiting for them to grow. Maybe you could see what seeds you could find in the fruit and vegetables in your house and have a go and growing some. We have found yoghurt pots and egg cartons work great for growing seeds. 


Signs of spring 

This afternoon we have had a wonderful time in nursery garden, we have been noticing and talking about all the new signs of spring and even spotted the first spring bee! What signs of spring can you find in your garden or on walks?