Planning and resources- Monday 22nd March

Week commencing Monday 22nd March

Easter planning 1

Easter planning 2 

Easter Fun 

We have been so busy over the last couple of weeks, crafting cards, making yummy chocolate nests and even met a chicken!! The children have adored all things Easter and learnt so much about nature, annimals and shapes through it! We are all very proud of their work over the last term and we sure you are too, a rest is very well deserved! Have fun!

Fabulous reading 

We have also seen a huge increase of children interested in our farm and Easter stories. Here is one AMAZING reading that we are all very proud of!

Easter egg hunt in the forest

Carol has also been very busy with the children down in forest school! The easter bunny dropped off some yummy eggs for the children but they needed to follow the clues and hunt around for them first! The children adored hunting for the clues and were very engaged in the beautiful spring sunshine!

Spring Chicken 

The children have also loved hearing, dancing and singing to our spring chicken song! It is a personal favourite held by all because of the very catchy tune and chicken dance moves! Below is a link if you would like an Easter song and dance this holiday!