Planning and resources- Monday 8th March

Week commencing Monday 8th March

Chestnut Planning – 8.3.21 Page 1

Chestnut Planning – 8.3.21 Page 2

New Field

We are thrilled to announce ENS has now acquired a patch of land from De Monfort field, yesterday was our first afternoon playing on the field and as you can see they adored the free space for running!  


This week we have been focusing on learning our shapes ready for when we get to big school. Here is a brilliant video to encourage children to look for shapes in their environment.

Mother’s Day!

Unfortunately because of coronavirus we cannot have our usual mother’s day sing along celebrations, so instead the children have been working very hard learning our mother’s day song, doing lots of dancing and thinking very hard about why we love our mummies. We hope you enjoy our videos! 

My mummy is fantastic 

Here is a reading of another book we have been reading ready for a special day this Sunday! It has supported lots of thinking about all the amazing things our mummies do for us!

Making gingerbread! 

Next week we are hoping to make some yummy gingerbread men with the children and learn some gingerbread songs, here are some ideas of things you can do at the weekend! 

Gingerbread games 

The children have loved our set gingerbread man set up, we have been busy crafting, painting, sticking and re-enacting the story! We have seen lots of brilliant focused learning this week and the children have settled back into nursery life very positively.

The gingerbread man

The children have loved focusing on the gingerbread man this week, they love it when the adults retell the story but also adore this YouTube adaptation. 

First day back at school

Today we had a fabulous day with lots of children returning from a period of isolation, it was brilliant to see all the children’s smiley faces as they came through the door and they all came in brilliantly and remembered all the routines and boundaries of nursery. Well done to all the families for supporting learning both at home or within the school, your hard work has made a huge difference to the children’s learning!

More new toys!

More of our new toys from the welly walk fundraiser have arrived, the children adore playing with the new toys and it is lovely to see their play progressing further because of the enhanced toys. Thank you again to all support and donations we received towards our welly walk fundraiser!