Lunch Club Menus


                    This Week – Week Commencing 10th February

                    Monday          –  Turkish Meatloaf and Garlic Breads, Pancakes and Fresh Fruit

                    Tuesday         –  Chicken and Bacon Pie and Mash, Sticky Banana Tarte Tatan

                    Wednesday    –  Cheesy Mince and Jacket Potato, Honey Cake and Ice Cream

                    Thursday        –  Sausage Meat Plait, Butterscotch Crunch

                     Friday            –  Pitta Breads with Various Fillings, Fromage Frais Cake


                     Next Week (after half term) –  Week Commencing 24th February

                    Monday          – Savory Cheese and Tomato Bread, Strawberry Crunch

                    Tuesday         – Spaghetti Bolognaise and Tortillas, Pancakes and Fruit

                    Wednesday    –  Salmon and Broccoli Quiche, Raspberry Blondies

                    Thursday        –  Lamb Kofftas and Cous Cous, Apricot Cake

                     Friday            –  Macaroni Cheese and Sausages. Jelly and Ice Cream