At Nursery we use WellComm as a tool to support your child’s listening, speaking and understanding. It helps us to plan and look in depth of how we can support your child’s communication and language skills. We have put together a ‘Home Learning Sheet’ for you to use at home. 
Willows wellcomm home learning sheet

Planning the week commencing 28/02/2022

This week we will be reading the story “Walking through the Jungle”. We will be learning lots of new songs (linked below) and using the Jungle animals in the playdough, gloop and reading area- following the children’s lead. We will also make monkey masks for the children to use during their play, encouraging them to pretend to be a monkey swinging through the trees, linked are some animal masks you can print and use at home.
Read more about what we will be doing in our “learning intensions” below.

Learning Intentions
Down in the jungle song
Jungle animal themed matching cards
The Noisy Animals in the Jungle Song
Walking through the Jungle animal masks
Walking through the Jungle small world puppets
Walking through the Jungle visuals
Walking through the jungle


Our role play the past week has been a Post Office which has encouraged all children to explore mark-making. The children have be writing letters, post cards and birthday invitations. The Post Office has inspired the children to make marks using different types of materials and textures. We would love to see your child’s marks on EvidenceMe.

World Book Day

It was wonderful to see the children dressed up as their favourite character from Nursery rhymes and stories they enjoy. 
The Willows staff dressed up as the animals from ‘Walking through the Jungle’. Zoe was the ‘swinging Monkey’, Sarah a ‘leaping Lion’, Beth was a Crocodile ‘wading through the Jungle’, Deanna, an Elephant ‘running through the Jungle’ and Hayley a ‘hissing Snake’.

Planning the week commencing 31/01/2022

We will be carrying on a few activities we did last week so all children can have a go at some of the amazing things we did. We have created a Fire Station in the role play, will continuing to care for the birds and we will be reading the story “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you hear?”

Learning Intentions

Feed the birds.

We have some birds nesting in our bird box in our Willows garden. We have also added homemade bird feeders to the trees outside along the path as you walk into Nursery. You can help feed the birds at home too. There are lots of ways you can make bird feeders, use the link below for some great ideas.

32 Homemade Bird Feeders To Make With Kids This Winter


After watching the birds eat the bird food in our garden we wanted to create some colourful birds. We used paper plates that we cut in half, bright orange and purple paint, feathers and scrap pieces of paper for their tails. 
We would love to see your colourful birds that you create at home. Send pictures on EvidenceME.

Sock Puppets.

Sock Puppets are a fun and easy activity to do with your child. Go on a hunt for your odds socks, glue/sellotape and decorate with different materials you can find around the house. You can use buttons, pom-poms for eyes or you can draw some on. Make hair using string, feathers or cut up an old t-shirt and create a big smile with sticks or paper clips. Use anything you can find and allow your child to take the lead. Remember it doesn’t have to look perfect! Let them learn, think and create.

Planning the week commencing 17th January 2022.

The children have loved the Doctors role play. They have enjoyed caring for the teddies as well as their friends.
The children have been interested in reading the story “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?” It’s lovely to hear the children joining in with the story as well as repeating the phrases of the story during their play.

Learning Intentions 


The children enjoyed playing with the arctic animals but one day they got frozen in ice. The children used their good thinking skills and worked together to get the animals out of the ice.
Some children used the blocks to smash the ice, others used their warm hands to melt the ice.
You can do this at home too! You can freeze any animal in a pot or balloons by filling it up with water, placing the animal inside and leaving it to freeze overnight in the freezer.

Going on a Colour Hunt!

There are colours everywhere, I wonder how many different colours can you find inside your house? How many colours can you find outside?

Going on a Colour Hunt

Arctic animals

Each day we have observed the changes in the Weather! Sometimes it is sunny, a little bit windy or it has been very icy causing the water to FREEZE.
During our Together Times we have watched the video below about Arctic Animals. Enjoy watching the video at home with your child, talk to them about the animals in the video and the cold place that they live.

Week Commencing 3rd January – Weather

This week we will be learning all about the weather! The children have talked about all the different kinds of weather we have before our two week christmas break- rainy, frosty, sunny….and how it can quickly change from one to the other. See if you can sing-along to our weather song, and don’t forget the actions!

Weather song

Weather Song Words

The Sun has got his hat on!

The children have enjoyed singing the song “What’s the Weather?”!
Another song we have been singing is “The Sun has got his hat on”. Below is a video of Beth singing the song along with the song sheet.
We would love to see you and your child singing the songs at home! Please send the videos and a comment to the office@evesham-nur.worcs.sch.uk

The Sun has got his hat on

The sun has got his hat on song sheet

BBC – Support with home learning

The BBC are providing a wide range of home teaching resources both on their television channel and website. Below is the link to the Cbeebies website, where you can find a variety of games, stories and activities to play with your child, enjoy!

Cbeebies learning from home 

Willows Christmas sing-along.

The children have had so much fun learning some of our favourite Christmas songs. Click the link and enjoy watching.

Self-help skills 

At Nursery we promote self-help skills and provide children with the skills they need to be independent. 

Putting a coat on can be a challenging task, so we found a way the children can put their coats on by themselves. 
Place their coat on the floor with the hood by their feet, encourage them to put their hands in the arms of the coat. When they are ready, they just need to flip their coat up and over their head. That is it! It’s a quick and easy way to support your child to independents.  


In Willows, we often use Signalong with our words in order to help the children understand what is being said and to teach them new words. See if you can practice some of these at home!









Home Learning

If you are choosing to keep your child at home during this lockdown then here are a few fun activity ideas that you can do at home.
If you do complete any of these activities we would love to see, so don’t forget you can send your photos via Evidence Me.

Home Learning Resources

Home Learning Ideas

Not all of our Willows community have English as their first language, taking this into consideration we believe it is really important for the children to learn about the communities and traditions native to their families. Below there is a page with lots of links for traditional stories and songs in different languages, enjoy!

Songs and Stories