Planning week commencing 7.06.2021

This week we have five very hungry Caterpillar’s that have come to stay in Willows. We will be observing the Caterpillar’s and how they change into a beautiful butterflies over time. We will also look at how the children have changed, using their baby pictures and a picture of them now. 
Please see our planning and songs we will be singing below. 

Child’s Voice Planning
Caterpillar lifestyle song
The Butterfly Song
The Fuzzy Caterpillar Rhyme
The Tiny Caterpillar Song
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Song

World Cultural Diversity day!

Willows have enjoyed celebrating Cultural Day. The children and staff wore their flag colours, worn traditional clothing and bought in flags to wave proudly.
We’ve tried lots of different food from all over the world! We enjoyed some Prawn Crackers, Pretzels, Poppadoms, Paluszki’s and Tortilla crisps. It was so lovely to see all children trying new foods!

Planning week commencing 10.05.2021

The children have enjoyed reading the story “Jasper’s Beanstalk”, challenging their knowledge of size and identifying different types of bird out in the field.
To continue with the theme of size and to introduce birds, we will be reading the story “Owl Babies” along with other stories based on birds. Please click the link below to discover more.

Child’s Voice
Wide-eyed owl

Who’s the tallest? 

Willow’s children have really enjoyed measuring themselves outside. All children have been intrigued about size, talking about who is taller or smaller than them. 
The children will return their their picture to see if they are the same height or if they’ve gotten taller.

Planning week commencing 19/04/2021

Before the Easter holidays the children planted a Sunflower at Nursery. All the children were then encourgaed to take it home, to look after and observe the changes of the flower over time. We would love to see your child’s Sunflowers, please send us a picture with a comment to EvidenceMe.
To further their understand of growth of plants we will be reading stories, such as Jasper’s Beanstalk, Peppa Pig’s vegetable garden and sing “I’m a Little Bean”. We will also be using phrases during the session of size. For example, “tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shortest” whilst measuring objects and the children themselves.

Child Voice Planning
Im a Little Bean Rhyme

Planning week commencing 29/03/2021

This week we are doing lots of activities focused on Easter. We will be making Easter bonnets and nest cakes, going on a egg hunt in the garden and singing lots of new songs and rhymes. Please see below attachements.

Easter planning ideas

Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose

Sleeping Bunnies

nest cakes method and ingredients

easter egg colour in



Along with their Easter bonnets, the children will bring home some playdough for you to enjoy playing with over the Easter break. If you would like to make more at home below is how we make it at Nursery.

Playdough recipe

Self-help skills 

At Nursery we promote self-help skills and provide children with the skills they need to be independent. 

Putting a coat on can be a challenging task, so we found a way the children can put their coats on by themselves. 
Place their coat on the floor with the hood by their feet, encourage them to put their hands in the arms of the coat. When they are ready, they just need to flip their coat up and over their head. That is it! It’s a quick and easy way to support your child to independents.  

Planning week commencing 15/03/2021

The children have enjoyed the story “The Blue Balloon” and the party theme we had created within Willows.
To continue the party theme we are now reading the story “The Tiger Who Came To Tea”. The party tent is now a cafe where the Tiger can come for  afternoon tea.
This weeks rhyme is “5 Currant Buns” encouraging the use of number language and joininig in with buying a Currant Bun.

Childs Voice Planning

5 Currant Buns in a bakers shop


World Book Day

We have had such an amazing day celebrating World Book Day in Willows. Thank you for all the children that dressed as their favourite story characters and shared your favourite stories via EvidenceMe or bringing them to Nursery. It has been great to see all children having fun reading stories. 

Beth shared her favourite story “The Wonky Donkey” and Deanna read “Superworm”. Of course the adults had to get involved and dress up as characters too! Can you guess who we are?


Planning the week commencing 01/03/2021

Some children had their birthday during the half term week which sparked a conversation about birthday’s, parties and other celebrations.The children and the adults all discussed what we would need to have for a party. Resources being presents, cards, cake with candles and balloons.
As the children were so interested about birthday’s and celebrations we have created a party theme within Willows! The children can write birthday cards and post them into the letter box to send to their friends, they can enjoy pretend party food together and share presents!
We will also be sharing Zoe’s favourite story “The Blue Balloon”. It’s about a boy who had found a blue balloon after his birthday party. However it wasn’t just any ordinary balloon, it was magical!

Child’s Voice Planning


Planning the week commencing 01/02/2021
People who help us

This week’s planning is based around “People who help us”. The children have enjoyed playing with the emergency vehicels and took interest in a book about a Fire Fighter. To find out more see planning below.

Child’s Voice Planning


Incy Wincy Spider

To extend onto last weeks planning we will be singing “Incy Wincy Spider” as the children have showed so much interst in the Weather. Poor Incy he gets so wet in the rain.
Below is the song sheet and Laura singing the song for you to enjoy at home.

Incy Wincy Spider

Incy Wincy Spider song sheet

Week Commencing 11th January – Weather

This week we have been learning all about the weather! The children have talked about all the different kinds of weather we have – rainy, frosty, sunny….and how it can quickly change from one to the other. See if you can sing-along to our weather song, and don’t forget the actions!

Child’s Voice Planning

Weather song

Weather Song Words

The Sun has got his hat on!

The children have enjoyed singing the song “What’s the Weather?”!
Another song we have been singing is “The Sun has got his hat on”. Below is a video of Beth singing the song along with the song sheet.
We would love to see you and your child singing the songs at home! please add the videos and a comment to EvidenceMe.

The Sun has got his hat on

The sun has got his hat on song sheet

BBC – Support with home learning

The BBC are providing a wide range of home teaching resources both on their television channel and website. Below is the link to the Cbeebies website, where you can find a variety of games, stories and activities to play with your child, enjoy!

Cbeebies learning from home 


In Willows, we often use Signalong with our words in order to help the children understand what is being said and to teach them new words. See if you can practice some of these at home!









Home Learning

If you are choosing to keep your child at home during this lockdown then here are a few fun activity ideas that you can do at home.
If you do complete any of these activities we would love to see, so don’t forget you can send your photos via Evidence Me.

Home Learning Resources

Home Learning Ideas

Not all of our Willows community have English as their first language, taking this into consideration we believe it is really important for the children to learn about the communities and traditions native to their families. Below there is a page with lots of links for traditional stories and songs in different languages, enjoy!

Songs and Stories



In Willows, we often use Signalong with our words in order to help the children understand what is being said and to teach them new words. See if you can practice some of these at home!









Sing-along with Willows!

The children had so much fun learning and singing our new Christmas songs! Here are four of their favourite songs to sing. Enjoy!



Welly Walk

Our annual welly walk was held at the start of November, with all Willows children taking part to walk around the big field, raising money for Evesham Nursery School. There were lots of things to spot on the walks and luckily it stayed dry! Well done Willows!

Click on the pictures to see them in full

Bonfire Activities

Willows had lots of fun at the start of November to celebrate Bonfire night. The children got creative, making firework scenes out of glitter, paint, and chalk and then enjoyed watching sparklers being lit. To top it off, everyone enjoyed jacket potatoes, popcorn and marshmallows!

Click on the pictures to see them in full